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Exploring the Wonders of Science: A Week Long Celebration of Discovery.

Welcome to 6KB's blog post about Science Week, during which we explored the fascinating world of chromatography and fingerprints.

Chromatography is a technique which used by scientists to separate components of a mixture.

We investigated one of the most common types of chromatography, paper chromatography, by drawing a circle on filter paper with felt tips and then dripping water on.

We predicted what colours we would be able to see after the experiment and were amazed to discover that after dripping water on the black felt-tip we could see brown, blue, green and orange, but no black. We then chose our own colours, made predictions, and then tested them to find out if our predictions were correct.

Another topic we explored during Science Week was fingerprints.

Fingerprinting is a valuable tool in forensic science and is used to identify suspects in criminal investigations. We learned that each person has a unique set of fingerprints, completely different to everyone else.

We learned how to take our own fingerprints, using pencils, and used magnifying glasses to look closely at them to look closely at the different types of fingerprint patterns, such as loops, whorls, and arches. It was amazing to see how each person's fingerprints were unique.

Overall, Science Week was an exciting and educational experience, and we look forward to exploring more fascinating scientific topics in the future!

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