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At Firwood we Promote Innovation by …


Our student centred approach enables us to provide our young people with an enriched and bespoke curriculum. We embrace the use of cutting edge technology in the resources we use for personalised learning and in our wider whole school promoting independence and preparing our young people for adulthood. 

At Firwood we Value Respect and Professionalism by …


Being positive role models for all our students, modelling kindness, high expectations and being aspirational. We actively listen to each other and promote the ethos that everyone has a ‘voice’ and everyone’s voice will be heard. In our inclusive environment we value diversity and encourage our students to be the very best version of themselves. 


At Firwood we Value Uniqueness by …

Celebrating our differences through an enriched and diverse school community including our approaches to learning. Through our students' journey at Firwood, we strive to provide them with the necessary skills to lead a life of increased independence, make choices and communicate in their chosen style of communication so their ‘voices’ can be heard and opinions validated. 

At Firwood we are Aspirational because …

In all we do we demonstrate that want the very best outcomes for our young people as they deserve it! We want our young people to be active in our local communities and the wider world so that as adults they all have a valuable contribution to make. We want our school to be recognised as a school of outstanding provision where every young person reaches their personal potential. 


At Firwood we Recognise Success By …

Through our innovative and highly personalised curriculum we respond and adapt to the needs of every single young person. Through highly effective partnerships and strong parental engagement our students achieve a range of skills and knowledge that enables them to achieve a range of accreditations chosen by the. The definition of ‘Success’ at Firwood is wide and is celebrated by all fostering positive attitudes towards a love of learning and being curious about the world. 

At Firwood we Empower People and Others By …

Focussing on the individual and providing a personalised offer with opportunities for learning about real life, promoting independence, building confidence and self-esteem. Our young people will learn through us and with us that they have a choice and their opinions are valued and are to be respected. Preparing our young people for adulthood is central to all we do. 

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