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3DW are looking after themselves!

The theme for Years 8 and 9 this term is Hygiene, Health and Keeping Active. 3DW have been learning about how to look after themselves, stay healthy and look fabulous!

We've been learning about personal grooming by brushing our hair.

We've been practicing teeth brushing on a rather large set of teeth with a rather large

toothbrush! Our toothpaste smelled very minty.

We've been keeping active in our school gym. There are so many activities to choose from in our gym. It's a small room but it's packed with equipment! Our favourite pieces of equipment are the mini-trampoline and the boxing gear.

We've also spent time outdoors spending time with nature and getting some fresh air, good for our mental and physical health. Our sensory garden looks beautiful at this time of year, lovely lush green plants, beautiful coloured flowers and the lavender bush smells amazing. It really is a feast for all our senses. While we were out there we worked together and collected leaves and flowers to make a window collage for our room.

3DW are looking and feeling good!

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