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3LM - Health and Hygiene

3LM have been working hard this half term learning about how to keep themselves healthy through hygiene, diet and exercise.

In Communication lessons we have been reading, ’Do Not Lick This Book’ , through which we have learnt about microbes and our Bread Investigation showed us how microbes live and multiply on food.

In Discovery sessions we have learnt how the heart works and carried out an investigation into how exercise has an impact on heart rate. We have learnt about the bones in the skeleton, did you know when a baby is born they have 300 bones but a fully grown adult only has 206?

During our Enrichment and Independence lessons, we have embraced outdoor learning and our senses whilst also thinking about the impact people have on the world, the effect of global warming and the animals which are now endangered as a result. We have made bird feeders to feed the animals in our school garden and researched how we can help animals in other habitats by playing our part.

Thank you 3LM for all your hard work this half term and for making my first half term at Firwood so amazing.

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