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6JM Bird Builds a Nest

In 6JM we have been reading the story 'Bird Builds a Nest' written by Martin Jenkins and illustrated by Richard Jones.

It's a beautiful day!

Bird is up early -

She's got a lot to do.

First she wants some breakfast.

What she wants is a

nice, juicy...


Bird pulls hard, but the worm pulls back!


Now she can get on with her work.

She's not looking for worms now.

She needs twigs, lots of twigs!

Can you guess what she is making?

We discovered that Bird was collecting lots and lots of twigs to make a nest!

We explored, twigs, moss, feathers and grass to make our own nests, just like Bird.

She tucks them into place.

Turning round and round pushing with

her whole body.

She makes a snug little cup, smooth and soft inside.

Ready and waiting.

Can you guess what for?


Three of them, speckled and lovely

and getting ready to hatch.

We hoped you have enjoyed our sensory story as much as we have. 'Bird, Builds a Nest' is a lovely story to read with young people.

6JM's review is 5 stars!

No real worms were harmed in the making of this blog :)

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