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7LH Coronation Preparations and Celebrations!

7LH have been busy this week getting ready for our whole school coronation celebrations on Friday. We have been learning about what's going to happen on Saturday and we've been making our own props for celebrating.

We each made a crown of our own so we can pretend to be royalty! We've used plenty of glitter because, sadly, we only have paper and card - no gold.

We look fabulously regal in our crowns. Our crowns also went into a whole school competition but sadly we didn't win this time! There were some amazing entries though so we're not too grumpy about it!

We listened to our National Anthem and learned some of the Signalong actions to sign along with it.

We also listened to lots of patriotic songs like 'Land of Hope and Glory', 'Rule Britannia' and 'Jerusalem' and played along with our choice of musical instruments.

We had fun dressing up in 'coronation robes' and even found a fabulous plastic crown in the dressing up box.

On Friday afternoon the whole school met up for a giant picnic so Friday morning we made our own cheese butties. We washed our hands then followed the instructions carefully. We did a fantastic job.

It's been a very busy week and we're looking forward to the Coronation weekend celebrations!

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