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8JO - learning about friendships and being kind :)

This term we have been focusing on learning about friendships and how to be kind to each other. This has involved lots of learning on what qualities a good friend has, before practised being good friends. We started off by reading the beautiful 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' by Charlie Mackesy - which everyone loved! We learnt all about qualities that we think a friend should have after reading this.

Throughout the term we have been practising kindness and being a good friend in all lessons. We have learnt about what makes someone rude, mean or kind. We practised interacting positively in a range of different ways - such as playing board games, leading PE sessions and coaching each other, making gifts and sharing small acts of kindness. We created our March Kindness calendar - which has one activity we plan to do every day at home or at school to show kindness!

Our favourite learning was making a 'Brownie in a bag!' for our friends - to give as a gift! Muhammed took his home to make and enjoyed the brownies so much that he decided to make more and share them with all of the class! Thank you! We also really enjoyed making pancakes together as friends - putting all of our learning into practice!

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