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Class 4AW

Emmanuel’s dream

In Communication, we have been reading and immersing in the true story, Emmanuel’s dream by Laurie Ann Thompson and Sean Qualls. We have enjoyed learning about ‘Emmanuel’ and his home country ‘Ghana’, where the story is set. Everyone loved the message ‘Disability does not mean inability’. It has inspired all our students to persist with their dreams and never give up! We explored some of the aspects of life in Ghana and recreated some of these experiences in our classroom. Everyone tried ‘fetching the water on their heads’ challenge and didn’t give up!

They learnt about safari animals found in Ghana.

Students also learnt how to use cloths to shine their shoes and how to create replicas of the mud and straw houses using a range of resources and skills.

Pitta bread pizzas

Our class has enjoyed all our ‘food technology’ lessons. We have been learning to follow recipes and make a variety of food and drinks. This week, we made ‘Pitta bread pizzas’. We chose and prepared a selection of toppings such as peppers, pineapple and shallots. Everyone learnt grating, chopping and slicing techniques. Students used sharp knives and graters safely.

They tried both white pitta and wholemeal pitta bases as a healthier option. They also tasted new ingredients such as baby spinach and rocket leaves.

National Poetry Day

In Class 4AW , we learnt how to write acrostic poems. We linked it to our theme this term- ‘My Future’. Students thought about their goals in life and explored what they want to work towards in their future. They wrote their own acrostic poems .Everyone enjoyed choosing from a range of poetry books to read in our school library. Students listened to and performed poems with actions and music.

KS4 Enterprise

We have decided to make and sell friendship bracelets and brownies for our enterprise project.

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