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Earth Day Every Day

It is 9TR's week to present the KS3 assembly, our topic is Earth Day; which is on the 22nd April.

We had a few days to learn some new facts and skills to share with our key stage during our assembly.

Here are a few of the activities we have completed so far.

We make fact finding fun and messy!

We watched some videos of Earth from Space and created a symbol fact sheet about how the Earth looks from space. Not just any fact find; a sensory, slimey, jelly fact find!

Climate change - What does it look like?

After looking at our planet from space and creating our fact sheet. We then explored, described and compared a healthy Earth to a Earth effected by climate change; here are a few of our artistic representations.

How can 9TR make a positive impact on our Earth?

When exploring a healthy Earth we noticed that it had lots of green plants, which got us thinking, maybe we could add to it, but how?

As it is Spring, we all planted our own spring bulbs; we cannot wait to see them grow and flourish.

9TR picked, planted and watered their own plants. They are now our responsibility to nurture; just as the Earth is.

We had lots of fun and thank you for reading our blog post.

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