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Learning in class 10RD

Mark making

We thoroughly enjoy mark making in 10RD. We used shaving foam to make circles, dots, zig zags and lines.


In our discovery lessons, we have been exploring different types of weather. We followed symbolised instructions to create our own rain. We used glass jars, water, shaving foam and blue dye. The jar and water represented the air, the shaving represented the the clouds and the blue dye represented the rain. We loved watching the rain trickle through the clouds and fall below.


We have been exploring different modes of transport and where they travel.

Using colourful semantics to create sentences.

Using symbols to identify where the mode of transport travels.

We used our interactive whiteboard to identify different modes of transport and where they travel.

Hot weather

When the weather got too hot, we made our own ice lollies. We sampled different flavoured juices. We then created our own choice boards of what we would like our lollies to be made of. We then decided if we wanted frozen fruit in them, or not.

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