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Our Wonderful world 🌎

3CG have been exploring how wonderful planet Earth is through our Independence curriculum strand.

We have had the opportunity to use different types of technology to explore our environment in school and watch how beautiful our world is through the eyes of David Attenborough. We worked together in groups to take pictures of the beauty which is around us each and everyday, the students investigated the different plants and natural objects in our sensory garden and ordered them into different categories. They worked together, taking turns to be the leader, the photographer and the plant investigator.

We then highlighted the roles and importance of our 5 senses, through engaging in different learning activities each focusing on a singular sense. We used scientific enquiry to answer and ask questions to our friends and staff through the support of our communication boards and symbols.

Sight 👀: We explored different objects in a box which we couldn't touch and described the objects through sight.

Taste 👅: We tried different types of food and described them through taste without knowing what we where tasting. We went from trying sweetness (biscuits) to saltiness (Salt) to bitterness (dark chocolate powder). They loved the element of surprise unknowing of the next taste.

Touch 🤚: We wore blind folds to hide our sight and worked together to touch and feel different material and objects. The students initially communicated whether they liked or did not like the feel and then had to guess what they where touching.

Smell 👃: The students used their noses to smell each of our morning scents and worked together to identify the different smells only using their nose not their sight.

Hearing 👂: The students loved this activity!! We took it in turn to listen to different types of music (classical, heavy rock) or sounds (birds chirping, monkeys, lions roaring), they had to guess what type of sounds they were listening to without using their sight.

The students are now creating their own sensory trail which highlights and enhances each of the five senses for their peers in KS3.

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